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Fluency in speaking L2


1. Promoting Oral Fluency of Second Language Learners

2. conceptual competence as a component of second language fluency by georgia andreou and ioannis galantomos

3. investigating effects of task structure on EFL learners oral performance by massoud rahimpour

4. fluency training in the ESL classroom an experimental study of fluency development and proceduralization by nel de jong

5. building fluency a course for non native speakers of English by Moh Kim Tam

Iranian candidate attitude toward IELTS

iranian candidate attitude toward IELTS

an educational or process approach to the teaching of professional genre

PhD Proposal

30 May 2012 abstract

30 May 2012 ppt konfirmasi

30 May 2012 Proposal for confirmation

30 May 2012Thesis Outline


1. Case Study Research Method

2. case study

3. CLT

4. CLT1

5. methods of LT

6. qualitative methods

7. Research_Design

communicative competence

1. Blake, C. (2009). Potential of text based internet chats for improving oral fluency in a second language

2. Boonkit, K. (2010). Enhancing the development of speaking skills for non native speakers of English

3. Chiang, V. & Crickmore, B.L. (2009). improving the english proficiency of postgraduate international nursing students seeking further qualifications and continuing education in foreign countries

4. Dallimore, E.J., Hertenstein, J.H., & Platt, M.B (2010). using discussion pedagogy to enhance oral and written communication skills

5.Dooleh, L. (2009). Intercultural conversation building understanding together.

6. Dunbar, N.E., Brooks, C.F. & Miller, T.K. (2006). Oral communication skills in higher education using a performance-based evaluation rubric to assesss communcation skills

7. Edwards, C. & Walker, S. (2007). Using public speaking learning communities to reduce communication apprehension

8. Ghanizadeh, A. & Moafian, F. (2010). The role of EFL teachers’ emotional intelligence in their success

9. Helsel, C. R. & Hogg, M.C. (2006). Assessing communication proficiency in higher education speaking lab offers poosibilities

10. Kurylo, A. (2009). Small behaviour, big change, changing the world one beharivour at a time

11. Lee, B. (2010). Effect on task and feedback types on korean adult ESL learners’ oral proficiency

12. Mahfouz, S.M., & Ihmeideh, F.M. (2009). attitude of jordanian university students toward using online chate discourse with native speakers of english for improving their proficiency

13. Mercer, S., & Ryan, S. (2010). A mindset for EFL learners’ beliefs about the role of natural talent Porto, M. (2010). Culturally responsive L2 education an awareness-reising proposal

14. Seferoglu, G. (2008). using feature film in language classes

15. Shafer, S. (2010). Building public speaking skills across curriculum

16. Communicative approach Conducting focus groups examining the effect of metacognitive strategy instruction on ESL group discussions

17. from metalinguistic instruction to metalinguistic knowledge, and from metalinguistic knowledge to performance in error correction and oral production tasks

18. intercultural communicative competence exploring english language teachers beliefs and practices

19. strategies and struggles in the ELT classroom language policy, learner autonomy, and innovative practice

20. strategy knowledge and perceived strategy use singaporean students awareness of listening and speaking strategies

21. using CEFR level descriptors to raise university students awareness of their speaking skills


1. a brief comment on communicative language teaching

2. adapting communicative language teaching approach to china’s context

3. BUKU communicative language teaching linguistics theory and classroom practice

4. CLT beliefs and practices communicative language teaching in the chinese environment

5. communicative language teaching unity within diversity

6. concept of communicative language teaching

7. discourse socialization through oral classroom activities in a TESL Graduate Program

8. framing communicative language teaching for better teacher understanding

9. ongoing challanges with language curriculum innovations in Asia a south korean case study

10. powerpoint anne burns of CLT

11. practical knowledge growth in communicative language teaching

12. specifications of learner needs for the course public speaking

13. teaching english as communication a global perspective

14. the communicative competence of the language teacher

15. the effect of teaching strategic competence on speaking performance of EFL learners

16. the foundation of the communicative approach and three of its applications

17. the impact of role play on fostering efl learners speaking abilty a task based approach

18. the implementation of communicative language teaching an investigation of students’ viewpoints

19. the need for communicative language teaching in china

20. the relationship between language learners’ anxiety and learning strategy in the CLT classrooms

21. the study on the effectiveness of communicative language teaching strategies used in college english classes

22. Yamada

23. becoming bilingual

24. CLT in India context and methodology come together

25. communicative based curriculum innovations between theory and practice implications for EFL curriculum development and student cognitive and affective change

26. communicative language teaching in indonesia

27. communicative language teaching in the Yemeni EFL classroom

28. factors affecting the implementation of commmunicative language teaching in taiwanese college english classes

29. Herper, C. & Jong, E.D. (2004). Misconceptions about teaching English language learners.

30. Adolescent and Adult Literacy. Vol. 48, No. 2, pp. 152-162

31. How to respond communicative approach for teachers key elements in conducting communicative approach to language teaching

32. Lee, W. & Ng, S. (2010). Reducing student reticence through teacher interaction strategy.

33. Widiati, U. & Widayati, S. (1997). writing conference speaking writing connection

34. popular culture methods and context

35. promoting communicative language learning through communicative tasks

36. teaching english speaking and english speaking tests in the thai context

37. the end of CLT a context approach to language teaching

38. Thompson, G. Some misconceptions about communicative language teaching

39. Xie, X (2010). Why are students quiet.Looking at the Chinese context and beyond

40. Zhang, X. & Head, K. (2010). Dealing with learner reticence in the speaking class.

Genre Approach

1. a genre based literacy pedagogy teaching writng to low proficiency EFL students

2. a process genre approach to teaching writing

3. an evaluation of a genre based approach to the teaching of EAP and EAP writing

4. applied genre analysis a multy perspective model

5. approaches to teaching second language writing

6. beyond the text towards understanding the teaching and learning of genres

7. genre analysis in ESP

8. genre language context and literacy

9. genre register and sociolinguistics

10. genre theory and ESL teaching a systemic functional perspective

11. Henry An evaluation of a genre-based approach to the teaching of EAP ESP writing

12. new and further approaches to ESP discourse genre study in focus

13. Paltridge Approaches to teaching second language writing teaching students what they already know students writer as genre theorists

14. trends and issuies in genre based approaches

15. two approaches to genre analysis

Thesis Defense

1. consistency and inconsistency in PhD thesis examination

2. DBA examination procedures and protocols

3. estimating interrater reliablility of examiner scoring for a state quality award

4. examining the doctoral thesis a discussion

5. examining the doctorate institutional policy and the PhD examination process in Britain

6. Pedoman Skripsi_Universitas_Paramadina

7. oral Defense of disertation protocol

8. identifying treshold concepts and proposing strategies to support doctoral candidates

9. HowtoImproveyourPhDDissertationDelivery

10. examining the examiners an analysis of examiners reports on doctoral theses

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